Choose a skill you want to get better in…

“Supposed to Lead the Developer Team“


  • Preparing for a team leader position.
  • I’m trying to set up a team of developers and I do not want to create a problem with my colleagues.
  • I lead standups, reviews, develop retrospectives and I deal with Scrum methodology.
  • I want to learn practical managerial tools.

“Preparing for Meet-ups, Talks and Speeches“


  • I want to work on my public speech.
  • A public appearance before the Tech community is awaiting me.
  • I want to calm down my performanc stress levels and take more interest in the listener.
  • I do not want to be boring.
  • I want to be simple and straight-forward.

“Interested in Hiring and Recruitment for new DEV“



  • I’m involved in the interviews and I’m hiring developers for my team.
  • I do not understand HR, but I still have to work with them.
  • I want to properly learn how to conduct a job interview.
  • I shouldn’t ask, but I want to learn how to talk about sensitive issues.

“How to Survive Scrum and Keep a Chill Team Atmosphere“


  • I want the team to make technical changes.
  • I’d like to enjoy and benefit from the Scrum sprint.
  • I do not want to bother my colleagues by building ineffective corporate policies.
  • I’d like to know all of the personal risks involved in forming an Agile team.

“I Want to Coach My Developers“


  • I’m preparing an audience and the employees are developers.
  • How can I use G.R.O.W. in long-term development of developers.
  • I want to get more involved in the team.
  • I feel the talents on the team and I want them to get more involved.

“Cutting Wood, Digging Holes“


  • I want to connect my team to an experience..
  • I want to get out in the fresh air and out of the office.
  • I deal with interpersonal problems on my team.
  • I have outsiders who I want to get involved with the rest of the team.

“Surfing for DEV Teams“


  • I want to reward my team and learn something about life by going surfing.
  • Reconcile with the team after Scrum is introduced and don‘t worry about bothering your colleagues.
  • I need tools that help with accepting changes in colleagues’ heads.
  • I want to start working on personal risks by forming an Agile team.

“Get Onboard Your New DEV!!!“

6-SESSION MENTORING PROGRAM for Newly Onboard Employees


  • It’s essential for me to engage in accurate onboard assessments by combining personalities, ability and behavioral assessments.
  • I want to create a detailed individual breakdown of strengths and development areas.

“Feeling Burnt Out and Want to Deal with Stress“


  • We are overloaded with Scrum reports and meetings.
  • We are exhausted and ready to explode.
  • I do not have time to do any developing.
  • I want to ask questions about how to cope with daily stress.


We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your experience.

CTO at Oak’s Lab, Coach and Speaker


CTO at Oak’s Lab, Coach and Speaker


Karol is a skilled tech lead with a deep computer science background, long experience with full-stack development and team leading.

Karol specializes in a full-javascript stack – React/Node.js, but always chooses the right technology to get the job done.

He has experience building/advising/helping early-stage startups and large scale, long-running projects.

Junior Developer and Event Manager


Junior Developer and Event Manager


Tereza is a founder of Reactgirls, focused on React. She is also proud member of Pyladies, team of woman programming in Python.

She improves her JavaScript and C# skills with Czechitas.

She has aplenty experiences of Meet ups, Talks and conferences organizing for developers. 

Lead for UI, Google Developer Expert and Speaker


Lead for UI, Google Developer Expert and Speaker


Martin has strong passion for JavaScript/TypeScript and clean code.

He loves contributing to open source (TypeScript, rex-tils, ng-metadata, @skatejs, React, Preact), enjoys writing technical articles on and also runs the biggest JavaScript meetup in Prague/CZ – ngParty.

His speciality is mentoring/advising big teams when building JavaScript/TypeScript/React apps on large scale.

Trainer, Speaker and Co-founder of


Trainer, Speaker and Co-founder of


Marek is a personal coach, lecturer and methodology instructor. He has many years of managerial experience in human resources and career counseling.

As a trainer, he has been focusing on courses on soft skills, business skills and human resources, which not only offers clients his expertise in adult education, but also his practical experience.



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